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Our office addresses all needs both of employers and employees. We draw up tailor-made contracts of employment, internal work and wage regulations.

We provide advice on the proper form of contracts of employment and we also help to conclude contracts of mandate, contracts to perform specified tasks and collaboration agreements complying with all legal regulations concerning self-employment. We express our opinions concerning the legality of termination of contracts of employment, and, if the dire necessity to reduce employment arises, we help our clients to struggle through the necessary procedures of group lay-offs.

We help to draw up non-competition clauses and later to enforce them. In all disputes between employers and employees, we try to settle them amicably so that the interests of our client will be protected without the parties becoming entangled in legal disputes before an industrial tribunal. However, if necessary, we can resolutely appear in industrial disputes, both protecting the employer against unreasonable claims and asserting the violated rights of the employees.

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